Paid Search / Pay Per Click 

ppc marketing

Rather than solely relying on the organic or non-paid success of your website’s rankings via best SEO practices, there are alternatives to ensuring your website ranks the best it can within its given field. This comes down to Paid Search or, as it is also known, Pay-Per-Click-Advertising (PPC).

ppc marketing

What is Paid Search & how does it work?

Paid search allows businesses to market and advertises themselves via sponsored listings on search engines, or via partner sites. Each time a business’s website ad is clicked, they pay for it. Professionals in the Paid Search field do their utmost best to bring businesses the best return-on-investment possible when it comes to the money spent on bringing their websites up the search ranks.

Paid search works via paid keywords or phrases which relate to the business and show up in the displayed ad. The more a business pays for a certain keyword or phrase, the higher their ad and website will rank in search engine results.  These paid ads are charged as cost-per-click (CPC), which means the advertiser must pay back the search engine each time a customer clicks on their ad.  

Why should a business use Paid Search?

The most important factor to consider is that Paid Search increases a business’s appearance on search engine results. With the decrease in organic search results down the rest of the search engine page, the Paid Search advertisement will help to keep your company’s website and advertisement within the top-5 results in order to gain a click-through result.

In a nutshell, if you have enough investment to put into Paid Search, it’s the fastest way to the top!

Paid Search professionals can also help businesses set up campaigns in under an hour with the best, most effective keywords used, in order to maximize results and ROI. Tracking these Paid Search campaigns is simple – businesses are able to track every ad, keyword, and cent spent – allowing for a more accurate ROI. Creating these Paid Search ads which are specifically targeted to your customers, makes it an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy.


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