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reputation management

No matter your business sector, whether your establishment is a new and up-and-coming venture or a well-established, household name – your business’s reputation is everything. In today’s day and age, your online and offline business reputation is important in equal measures.

With the pervasiveness of the internet, it’s important that your business’s reputation management is top priority in order to maintain your relevance. Would you leave the finances of your business in the hands a baker and hope everything works out?  Your business reputation is far more important than chance – hiring a full service, SEO and reputation management professional is guaranteed to get your name where it needs to be! 

Why would my business require online reputation management?

With the complicated ins and outs of the internet and the specific requirements of major search engines such as Google, your online reputation management needs to be carefully crafted by professionals who know all the tricks of the trade in order to maintain your relevance online.

There are a number of instances a business may require the services of a professional reputation management company, but the three most common instances include:

  • A new, start-up business requires an established name and reputation
  • A well-established and well-known business requires the maintenance of their name
  • A business has suffered a decline in reputation or string of bad publicity and requires a name ‘clean up’

How is a good online reputation created?  

Establishing and maintaining a good internet reputation hinges on three key elements: positive publicity, increasing your online prominence, and suppressing bad publicity. And no, it’s not as simple as having a popular, interactive Facebook page or Twitter account. Online reputation management is an intricate job that requires the skill and balance of professionals who specialize in the above key elements.

An online reputation management company will generally offer your business the following:

  • An experienced online copywriter who will be able to create a range of positive content surrounding your company – including blogs, press releases, social media campaigns, and even guest postings
  • SEO and web development experts who can build a positive linking system around this content and your online presence, keeping your business at the top of search engine results
  • A gatekeeper – someone that tracks your reputation online and keeps a watchful eye on bad press surrounding your business. This includes negative comments on public forums, phishing sites that might imitate your own, malicious reputation attacks by competitors, or unhappy former employees.


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