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social media marketing

Social media marketing is a vitally important tool to master in your business’s marketing strategy – its ubiquity in today’s society cannot be overlooked, and as such, should be leveraged as much as possible when aiming to promote your business.

social media marketing

Why is social media marketing so important for business?

In terms of marketing strategies, the integration of social media is still in its beginning phases and is a tool that is still set to grow in leaps and bounds. But what social media marketing allows businesses to do is socialize with the right people, in real-time. Social media marketing professionals will ensure that your business is connecting with the ideal set of customers, with the best-written content, at the best time of the day.  Social media marketing allows your customers to connect with your business on a personal level, allowing them to feel valued – and a happy customer is vital to any business.

Social media marketing & search engines

One of the most obvious factors as to why social media is so important for business is not only due to its pervasive and universal nature. Google and other search engines have now begun to integrate social media into their search functions, which means, the stronger your social media presence, the higher your website, and business could potentially rank on Google and other search engines. In the future, it is predicted that social media marketing and SEO practices will be indistinguishably linked.

Managing your social media marketing in-house

It is definitely possible for businesses to manage their own social media marketing – but in saying this, it has become a full-time job and requires plenty of knowledge, attention, and strategy. Businesses will need to dedicate time to monitor all social media accounts, queries and issues, continually add fresh, enticing content and manage insights, feedback and develop posting strategies.

The added benefit of hiring a social media and SEO professional to handle your business’s social media is that they are able to commit 100% of their time and knowledge to it, and can also assist with:

  • Creating a coherent social media strategy across all social platforms
  • Link up social media marketing with other aspects of your business’s online presence
  • Build and evolve strategies tailored to as your business grows
  • Integrate SEO practices and Paid Search advertising into social media marketing strategies


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